Zoe Saldana at the San Francisco International Film Festival's Midnight Awards!

I don't think anyone really checks this comm anymore but just in case any of you Bay Area Trek fans (Particularly if you're a fan of the new film) were interested, Zoe Saldana will be appearing in San Francisco as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival's Midnight Awards on Saturday, April 23rd!

The Midnight Awards were created to honor a dynamic young actor and actress who have made outstanding contributions to independent and Hollywood cinema and bring intelligence, talent and depth of character to their roles. This year's recipients are Clifton Collins, Jr. and Zoe Saldana.

The Midnight Awards takes the form of a late night talk show, hosted by Beth Lisick, New York Times best-selling author and coorganizer of the Porchlight Storytelling Series, with live musical accompaniment by the Darren Johnston Trio. Lisick will interview the recipients and show clips of their work prior to the presentation of the awards.

FYI, Clifton Collins, Jr. (I had to look up his filmography, TBH :x ) was also in nu!Trek as the Romulan Ayel, so we're bound to see Trek galore!

Tickets are a bit pricey (From $40-50), but in addition to seeing Zoe and Clifton in-person, there will be a live band, drinks, appetizers, and generally, an opportunity to dress up and party hearty. :)

Info: http://fest11.sffs.org/awards/midnight.php

And let's discuss!

The Gold Standard is back!

Last year, the Star Trek community helped The Gold Standard raise over $1,000 for the Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes walk-a-thon.

(photos from last year's event are here, for anyone interested)

Well, we're back for 2010, and we challenge all of you to help us DOUBLE that amount for 2010. Yeah, you heard me. DOUBLE. That's two thousand dollars, y'all.

(There's no new Star Trek movie out this year, so it's not like we need our money for important stuff like theater tickets and merchandise, anyway, right?)

To donate, click right HERE.

The Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes date is Sunday, October 10th at the Guadalupe River Park in San Jose. Interested in being a part of our crew? Drop me a note here in this post!
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THE PLAN! Early Bird Wonder Con MeetUP!

OKAY! I solved our scheduling problem...Breakfast Meetup! Its earlier!

This Saturday we have a GQ!breakfast...

The Plan!
We arrive at Denny's (across the street by parking and Bloomingdale's? Like around there?) at 10am!
We could then discuss TREK and what we're planning to do for the day.

The Con opens at 11am FYI.

Please RSVP HERE! So I can give the Denny's People the number people in our landing party.

My name's Carol (Yes, Like Carol Marcus)...AND I'll be wearing a RED SHIRT.

RSVP. This Saturday, Denny's, 10am!

EDIT:I'm changing the time of the Meet Up to 11am. Still at Denny's. Hopefully enough time to get register. And enough time before the panels really get going.

I'll try and get a table as soon as I get my tickets...Then wait for y'all to come to Denny's. I gotta go early because I wanna catch the Diseny Panel. The official time is still 11am for the meet up but I think I'll be there earlier. :)

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On WonderCon

I love the  Idea of a meet up at WonderCon in SF. However I know that not everyones gunna go to the convention itself. So how bout a Meetup in the general area of Moscone. We can Meetup at the entrance of Jillians (cuz it's easy). And then decide from there. How about that?

Also TREK Wonder con Programing:

For Sat: 6:00-7:00 Star Trek: Between the Cracks— Rifle through Star Trek's "attic trunk" with author/editor Larry Nemecek (ST: TNG Companion). Having covered, consulted and created in "Trekland" for almost 20 years, Larry opens his image collection for the humor, the what-ifs, the bizarre—and even a little metaphysics—from the truly odds-and-ends of the Paramount stages. And oh yeah: all-new blooper stills—come ready to hoot! Room 220
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Other events on Sunday are TBA

So Poll Time!

Poll #1537030 Wonder Con Meet

What day of WonderCon


What time is the meet?

What's the Activity? (name your hearts desire)

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HAY Lets Plan a MeetUP!

Spring Break is approaching and I was wondering if we should have a MEET UP! So how bout POLL TIME!

I figure based on the results we can rotate the meeting place/activity...etc...

Sooooo to plan future Meet Ups....

Where should we meet?

What should be the activity?

What days are you avialible?

What's the best time of day?

Where are you from?

Poll #1535769 TREK CON 2010

Are you going to LAS VEGAS TREK CON 2010?

I dunno....

Are you going to Las Vegas Trek con 2010?

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FYI Future GQMF Movies of 2010 by Release Date are....
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I really wanna meet ya'll even if its just for talk and tea...EARL GRAY HOT!!!
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Final Call! SUNDAY January 24, 2010 SF TREK CON!


I'm BARTing up! It seems to be a packed day! And that's still not covering the dealers room!

I'm going to try and be there by 9am so I can get in line for the 9:30 registration.  And then I'll be probably sitting in line to get good seats in the theater.  (I haven't been to a Trek con but I have been to many other cons from Comic Con to Fanime so I'm guessing there will be a line...Especially for the Captains.) I suggest we meet some where around the theater so we can get seats together. I'll carry a red and white paper sign with "SF GQMF" on it, 'cuz that's logical. I'll be sitting there till 10:30 (when the theater opens) so please come and find me.

If your coming please RSVP by leaving a comment!

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ST Convention in SF!

I'm planning on going (the convention is held on the 22nd and 23rd of January, 2010), but I don't have anyone to go with me! Mr. Shatner and the venerable Mr. Stewart will be there on Sunday (which is when I'm going).

Tickets are kind of expensive but I'm sure it's worth it. It's like the Star Trek equivalent of Wondercon, which is the smaller, Norcal version of Comiccon.

More info on the official page: http://www.creationent.com/cal/stsan.htm

Any interest?
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Meetup tomorrow!

I went to the exhibit last weekend (Mom wanted to go) so I got more of the logistics figured out.

Let's try to meet around 2:30pm at the Tech. The 3pm show last Sunday was about 80% full, so we need to try to get there before most others do. The IMAX is a dome and so where you sit makes a huge difference. If you're not at the top and in the center, it can make you a bit nauseous.

Now as for how to find us... um, I don't own any trek stuff really. Or have any buttons or anything... Look back tomorrow morning and I'll post a description of what I'm wearing. Hope that works. Or you can email me and I'll send you my number.

So who's in???

(hey it involves one of the actors and is awesome)
ten: office squee


Hi all!

So, from the looks of the responses to the previous post, next Saturday (Nov 14th) works for most of you.

Since the only person to state a time preference was kandybar, my tentative schedule is...
3:00pm - IMAX!
5:30pm - Exhibit!
then dinner?

Does this work for people? Or we could do the 5:30pm IMAX and the exhibit before...