Pokemaster (pokemaster) wrote in sf_gqmf,

THE PLAN! Early Bird Wonder Con MeetUP!

OKAY! I solved our scheduling problem...Breakfast Meetup! Its earlier!

This Saturday we have a GQ!breakfast...

The Plan!
We arrive at Denny's (across the street by parking and Bloomingdale's? Like around there?) at 10am!
We could then discuss TREK and what we're planning to do for the day.

The Con opens at 11am FYI.

Please RSVP HERE! So I can give the Denny's People the number people in our landing party.

My name's Carol (Yes, Like Carol Marcus)...AND I'll be wearing a RED SHIRT.

RSVP. This Saturday, Denny's, 10am!

EDIT:I'm changing the time of the Meet Up to 11am. Still at Denny's. Hopefully enough time to get register. And enough time before the panels really get going.

I'll try and get a table as soon as I get my tickets...Then wait for y'all to come to Denny's. I gotta go early because I wanna catch the Diseny Panel. The official time is still 11am for the meet up but I think I'll be there earlier. :)

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