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Zoe Saldana at the San Francisco International Film Festival's Midnight Awards!

I don't think anyone really checks this comm anymore but just in case any of you Bay Area Trek fans (Particularly if you're a fan of the new film) were interested, Zoe Saldana will be appearing in San Francisco as part of the San Francisco International Film Festival's Midnight Awards on Saturday, April 23rd!

The Midnight Awards were created to honor a dynamic young actor and actress who have made outstanding contributions to independent and Hollywood cinema and bring intelligence, talent and depth of character to their roles. This year's recipients are Clifton Collins, Jr. and Zoe Saldana.

The Midnight Awards takes the form of a late night talk show, hosted by Beth Lisick, New York Times best-selling author and coorganizer of the Porchlight Storytelling Series, with live musical accompaniment by the Darren Johnston Trio. Lisick will interview the recipients and show clips of their work prior to the presentation of the awards.

FYI, Clifton Collins, Jr. (I had to look up his filmography, TBH :x ) was also in nu!Trek as the Romulan Ayel, so we're bound to see Trek galore!

Tickets are a bit pricey (From $40-50), but in addition to seeing Zoe and Clifton in-person, there will be a live band, drinks, appetizers, and generally, an opportunity to dress up and party hearty. :)

Info: http://fest11.sffs.org/awards/midnight.php

And let's discuss!
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