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So I posted something about going to the Tech museum this weekend and totally dropped the ball on it. Sorry! So does the 24th still work for people? Or perhaps we could do Saturday Nov 14th if it's too late notice now. Or Sunday too.

7th could also work for me, but I saw a couple of you couldn't make it then.

And something I hope will make up for it, if you hadn't heard:

So exhibit and seeing the movie? Who's up for that? =)
o_O ^_^

Star Trek exhibit?


Hi all! I noticed garamsythe edited her post a while back which I totally missed about going to the exhibit at the Tech on Saturday the 24th. That'll be opening weekend, which may be crowded, but would likely have the highest concentration of Trekkies to casual fans, which would be fun...

Would that work for people or maybe a Saturday or Sunday in November? Like the 14th?

What times too? Not too early since some of you are coming down from the city or Berkeley, but when we get tickets we need to choose an entry time, which are every 15 minutes.

Because in the 21st century, there is no hypospray for diabetes...

(Thanks to chrryblssmninja for pointing me to this community! Mods, if this isn't allowed, please feel free to delete!)

Hey guys! My fellow GQMF kelbebop and I are participating in a walkathon for the American Diabetes Association this Sunday, September 27th at Guadalupe River Park in San Jose. We're walking for all the people with diabetes who deserve to Live Long and Prosper.

Our team: The Gold Standard.

If you'd like to donate, you can click right HERE. Every little bit counts! Once at the team page, simply click on one of the team member's names to donate at their personal page. (Unfortunately, they don't have it set up so you can donate to the team, only to individual members.)

And hey, if you're in the San Jose area, you can join our team! The walk is on Sunday morning, September 27th. Click on the link for the team page to sign up.


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Berkeley meet-up?

Hi bbs!
Would anybody be interested in a Berkeley meet-up for Cal's showing of ~*~Star Trek~*~?

When: October 2
Where: Wheeler Auditorium
Times: Showings at 7 and 9:30
Tickets: $3 with Cal ID, $5 everyone else
It's usually best to buy tickets early and wait because the line gets really long.

For more info There's a poll on the site that needs to be flooded with votes for Star Trek as the best movie of the summer.

UPDATE:It looks like 7 is working for the majority. Since we're getting food before, how about meeting at about 5:30 or so in front of Sather Gate? That way we can find foodz and tickets. :)

UPDATE THE SECOND: Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The red lensflarey bits are RELEVANT TO OUR INTERESTS.
Also if you have questions, concerns, etc, send me a message so I can get back to you with my cell phone number. :)
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SJ Tech Museum ST Exhibit

tickled_pink and I are going to the 4pm showing of STXI in IMAX tomorrow at Emeryville. Anyone else interested? It's the same place as last week's showing, just a bit earlier. [:

OKAY THEN NEVER MIND. D:< IMAX people decided to be dumb and not play it tomorrow. So I will turn this into a productive post for the San Jose Tech Museum meeting.

The potential date for the meetup is:

Saturday, October 24th.

If you're not available on that day for whatever reason please comment. [:

Well hey there everybody~

A few people in the Bay have expressed interest in going to the San Jose Tech Museum to see the Star Trek exhibit. I think it'd be a fun thing to do on Halloween because after all, it's a ST exhibit and they even encourage costumes! I'm not at all familiar with the SJ area though, so someone who does should help with directions and such. Is it close to public transportation?

Star Trek XI IMAX in Emeryville is another thing that I've seen interest in. I believe the theatre is about ten minutes on bus away from the MacArthur Bart station. I don't know when ya'll are available to go see it but it better be soon; it's only showing for two weeks so the last day is on Friday the 18th. I'm going out of town this weekend, so can we do it either this Friday (the 11th) or sometime in the week after that? Let me know about your availability. We might just have to see it on its last day because it's the only day I don't have school besides weekends.

So yeah. Post if you're interested, and comments/suggestions or anything else such as not being able to do it a certain day because of work, school, etc.

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Clever title for entry goes here

So this is just a test entry to see what this looks like. It's getting late, maybe I should think about dinner. Eating only a quarter sandwich and one of those mini bags of wheat thins from the vending machine at work is probably not the best thing. I should open more windows, it's pretty warm tonight. The crickets are going really fast. I hear there's a mathematical formula of how many chips per minute equals what temperature outside. These colors are odd, but I like it enough. I really like the header, even if it's the worst thing I've ever made. That cap cleaned up well, I took it from one of the HD trailers on, and fucked with the colors until it didn't look quite so yucky. The city might be smuggy, but it's not smoggy... speaking of the pic in the header, looks like they still haven't replaced the western span of the bay bridge yet in 2250s. Wonder if they've finished the eastern half by then...

I think I blathered on enough for an example entry.